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          about us Key Lab Pilot Base Technic Center Production Chinese
          The Biology and Chemical Engineering Key Lab
          of Shandong Province
              The Biology and Chemical Engineering Key Lab of Shandong Province ,which was relied on Provincial Scientific Commission and Provincial finance department of Shandong Province. The key lab have more than forty research people, which covers fourteen professors , fifteen senior engineers and seven engineers among them. The Key Lab is mainly engaged in enzyme engineering, ferment engineering, fine chemical technology, new material development, regenerate resources development ,after-treatment technology and so on.
              It ranks among the tops in the fields of biology and chemical engineering, pharmaceutical intermediates, new fine chemical technology and new material development, etc.
              Address:80 East Culture Road Jinan Shandong Province
              Post code:250014
          Address:Jinan City Shandong Province culture Road 80 Zip:250014 E-mail:shkeji@sohu.com
          Copyright©Chemical Technology Academy of Shandong Province    Lu ICP by 06020496
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